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"Faced with this level of detail and the strict quality requirements, it would have not been possible to carry out the project without PlanRadar. The platform undoubtedly improves build quality."

Wolfdieter Jarisch,

member of the board and partner at the Austrian S+B Gruppe


DANUBEFLATS: Outstanding Quality Through Digital Documentation

How Austria’s tallest residential tower is being built with PlanRadar

The DANUBEFLATS in Vienna, soon to be Austria’s loftiest residential tower, is a collaboration between S+B Gruppe AG and SORAVIA. However, the project’s scale isn’t the only challenge: it’s being built near the Danube and adjacent structures, with weight constraints from an adjacent motorway. Amidst these hurdles, PlanRadar’s digital platform was pivotal during construction, primarily for defect identification, quality assurance, and performance evaluation.
Through the adoption of PlanRadar, the DANUBEFLATS construction process has seen a radical transformation. The most significant gain? An impressive time-saving of 8 hours per week for each user – that’s an entire workday.

The challenge: construction of Austria’s highest residential tower

With a construction project of this size, there are many challenges to be overcome. These can come from the local conditions but also the building itself.

The residential tower in Vienna and more specifically in Donau City, an area in the 22nd district, is being built close to the Danube and adjacent buildings. The area of the city is connected to the Danube Island and the 2nd district by the Reichsbrücke bridge. It collapsed in 1976 and was reopened in 1980, which is why particular caution is now required for the building process.

The structure is also being built right next to the motorway, which can only bear the weight of 4 floors, so creativity was essential. As a solution for this requirement, floors 5 to 15 hang from the tower like a rucksack and are self-supporting.

And for the tower to be able to hold the weight of the “rucksack”, the building’s shell had to reach all the way up to the 22nd floor.

DANUBEFLATS is made up of around 670 new apartments which meet the highest quality standards. This means that a significant number of individual tasks and custom requirements and lots of preparatory work need to be managed — so a digital platform for documentation and recording information is essential.

The solution: simplified defect management and custom requirements with PlanRadar

During construction of the DANUBEFLATS, PlanRadar is playing a key role in documentationrecording and correcting construction defects, and for handovers, and it also carefully incorporates custom requirements for the apartments. Traditionally, installation defects, construction damage or complaints as apartments were built were documented in writing with drawings, which could be ineffective, as working with paper plans is not only time consuming but expensive too.

The platform, which is always on hand for users on their tablets or smartphones on site, makes it possible for defects to be electronically recorded and saved, all with detailed descriptions, precise locations on plans and the option for photo documentation.

The real-time tracking of progress of defect elimination prevented delays and the coordination of the construction project has been streamlined through improved communication, saving a great deal of time and money. The platform’s intuitive use means that people working on the project do not need any training in how to use the software.

Hannes Zadrobilek (S+B Gruppe) at the site of the DANUBEFLATS

The result: efficient work processes and significant time savings

There are many important and instant benefits of using PlanRadar to build DANUBEFLATS. Firstly, the considerable time savings of 8 hours a week have to be mentioned – which represent a whole day of work for each PlanRadar user. In addition, work is streamlined, especially in terms of staffing resources. Users also benefit from quicker and more focused internal communication, taking the load off subcontractors and trades.

Important information about the construction project is documented and stored centrally. Offline plans mean that tickets can be accessed at any time.

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These PlanRadar functions are being used in the construction of DANUBEFLATS:

Efficient work processes for defect management:

Efficient work processes for defect management:

PlanRadar’s flexible ticket system means that construction defects can be monitored when they are being corrected.

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Mobile photo documentation on tablets and smartphones:

Mobile photo documentation on tablets and smartphones:

The software enables easy exchange of information in the form of photos and videos and offers extensive documentation options, saving plenty of time.

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Simple task assignment:

Simple task assignment:

Tasks can be quickly and easily assigned to the person responsible and progress can be monitored from anywhere.

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